BAU2015 worldwide preview of Smart PTC®.
The first product born from the collaboration between Tecnostrutture
and the creative team form by me and RNDR studio.

A challenge taken with Tecnostrutture with the aim of build through the most innovative techniques, for build in a smart way.
We enforce basic structural elements with smart device for fulfill the modern society needs. A society thrust into the future and always look for new livable and sustainable solution.
Smart PTC® is a hybrid item which, from a structural component, becomes a technological opportunity. It opens a deep dialog between the world of the construction industries and the future: an architectural element able to integrate the entire building’s structure with a domotic system for meet the needs of the different environments where it could be settle in.
A user friendly solution for public space, parking, mall, library or for office or private house.

It is the first component of a integrated system design to best support the load of a building and the needs of the people who live it.

For further information:
RNDR studio

BAU 2015, picture by Fabio Marzan
Munched from the 19th to the 24th January 2015, Pad. B2 stand 515

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