Selected as young creative talent to follow the Zordan Srl for development and realization of a series of solid wood products, such as first series for a new brand of furniture, which wish to upgrade the production of the timber industry and the raw material autochthonous.

New collaborations between young creative talents and local international companies, coordinated by CibicWorkshop and Fuoribiennale.

The project De-sign, sponsored by AIDP Triveneto Nordesteuropa Group, in collaboration with CibicWorkshop and Fuoribiennale, is addressed to Italiy’s North-East Companies who believe that innovation is the “changing engine”.

Young creative talents selected and coordinated by CibicWorkshop and Fuoribiennale will collaborate with a selection of companies to find “tailored” solutions to key themes for entrepreneurship such as design, communication, new business ideas.
The aim is to create a collaborative “network” between young creative studios and local companies on the occasion of the “Festival Città Impresa”, the most important event of Italy’s North East about economics and politics.

The working groups were presented Friday, May 4, during the Festival, and will show out their results in November 2012.

The four groups are:
Diwar Spa and Salottobuono
Field: office chairs, for the collectivity, for contract

Gruppo Forall – Pal Zileri and Kristian Guerra
Field: high-end couture dresses and matching accessories

Lineabeta Spa and Zaven
Field: furnishings for bathrooms

Zordan Srl and Andrea Francesconi
Field: flagship stores building and furnishings

For further informations:
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