Inspired by the manufacture of biodegradable plastics made from potato starch and corn. In the project, the local production in an extreme version, become an autarky and utopian proposal. Farm and industry meet in a a new hybrid production, where the waste in the production of olives and wine are engineered for the creation of new, natural and hyper-local materials.

Farm/Fabric is proposed as a new model of social format exportable to different locality marked by autochthonous agricultural products or not. An utopia (?) designed for a small community that an benefit from its own farm, not only for food but also for objects that this produces.

Concept made while participating in the workshop Tastefull with the FormaFantasma studio and organized by Fuoriscala in Verona.

Interview with FormaFantasma for OniricaLab (Italian with English subtitles) from Fuoriscala on Vimeo.

Studio FormaFantasma tells the workshop TASTEFULL @OniricaLab from Fuoriscala on Vimeo.

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Ana Blagojevic
Elena Scquizzato

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