A new research project made during the collaboration with Cibicworkshop, for the fair Abitare il Tempo in Verona.

The period we are currently living through has placed us face to face with new challenges and opportunities that can generate substantial changes in the lives of all of us and produce a radical change in the approach to design.

The recession is highlighting the difficulties encountered by consolidated models faced by critical aspects coming to the fore everywhere: the environmental emergency, tighter financial system, social unrest, the gap between society and politics.

Many things must change.

The incredible development of information and such easy access to it allow us to work on confidential data in to understand today’s problems better and, using creativity, identify new possibilities.

Designing our future is a collection of 6 ideas, 6 design themes that narrate possible new forms of business, how to economise by economising.

A project by Cibicworkshop
in occasion of Abitare il Tempo 1.1 – 100% Projects:

concept by
Aldo Cibic and Tommaso Corà

Cristina Reolon, Andrea Francesconi, Alessandro Squatrito e Lodovica Guarnieri

For further informations:
Abitare il Tempo: www.abitareiltempo.it
Cibicworkshop: www.cibicworkshop.com

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