The Giorgio Cini Foundation in Venice, is place in the San Giorgio’s island.
The new heart of the restyled user services in the Giorgio Cini Foundation library complex is the “Nuova Manica Lunga”: the monumental space of the former dormitory of the Benedictine fathers; an unique facility created according to the latest and highest international standards of library economics. This library is so important for its over 150.000 books which made the library one of the most significant in Europe for the history of art. The architectural and redevelopment project for the spaces was undertaken by Michele De Lucchi.
What I had to do is to design the reception furniture of this library, thinking of the structure of the building, the design of the new project of Michele De Lucchi, and, most important, the people who have to work all the day into this reception.
The final shape was born from the shape of the portal which characterize all the “Manica Lunga”. Into the mobile is possible to work in two or three person, each person with his own computer and which the enough space for the archive material.

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