Zordan1965 start-up collaboration and design of the new collection Gemme di Bosco.

The new production follow the old chain and value which was followed by the carpenter of old: the carefully chosen, the sawed and the cut of the tree, thought to the need of the furniture that they had to made.
Through the new technologies the customer could follow the entire production process. The aim is to introduce the wood sector, trying to raise awareness, giving the right notions about this amazing material, and create the right affection between the consumer and the furniture.

Gemme di Bosco want to express with contemporary design the evolution of Italian furniture.
As past needs created traditional forms, so we want satisfy modern needs.
These products are a continuous dialogue between characteristics of wood and the ability of Zordan1965′s craftsmen to understand it.
The collection is shift in two different series of furniture which works with the wood in different ways:

The Slats serie is created to let the wood expressing itself. The essential and timeless shapes bring out the character of your tree: the grain, the nuances and the softness, features that enrich the product.

Photo by Francesco De Luca

For further information: Zordan1965

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